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Investigating Past Ocean Circulation, Slowey Led NSF-Funded Southern Argentine Margin Expedition

Feb 21, 2020

Dr. Niall Slowey led an NSF-funded expedition to the Southern Argentine Margin, with three oceanography graduate students also onboard.

Texas A&M Scientists: Record Antarctic Heat Reflects Current, Future Climate Trends

Feb 17, 2020

Because Earth’s poles hold massive amounts of ice, recent high temperatures in Antarctica are indicative of a trend of global concern and a changing Antarctic region, according to experts.

Judith Chester Named AGU Section Awardee

Feb 12, 2020

The Geology and Geophysics professor was honored at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting.

Geology and Geophysics Graduate Student Receives AGU’s Outstanding Student Presentation Award

Feb 10, 2020

Texas A&M Oceanography graduate students, Daianne Höfig and Tyler Winkler, were both awarded 2019 Outstanding Student Presentation Awards.

Study Details How Auto Emissions Pose Human Health Problems Worldwide

Feb 10, 2020

Texas A&M researchers are part of a team that analyzed how auto exhaust in large cities, especially in China, is linked to air quality and health problems.

Two Oceanography Graduate Students Receive AGU’s Outstanding Presentation Award

Feb 5, 2020

Texas A&M Oceanography graduate students, Daianne Höfig and Tyler Winkler, were both awarded 2019 Outstanding Student Presentation Awards.

Outstanding Faculty And Staff Honored At Geosciences Awards Ceremony

Jan 31, 2020

The Jan. 10 holiday luncheon and ceremony honored award-winning faculty and staff in the college.

Swath Of Natural Habitat Larger Than The UK Will Be Urbanized By 2030, Global Study Predicts

Jan 29, 2020

Critical knowledge gaps on habitat loss in lower-income countries were also revealed by the research study, co-authored by a Texas A&M geographer.

Texas Oyster Mariculture Stakeholder Meeting Slated For Jan. 25

Jan 21, 2020

A meeting for stakeholders in the Lower Laguna Madre will facilitate discussion on oyster mariculture in the area.

Epic South Pacific Expedition Is Special For Texas A&M Geosciences Dean

Jan 16, 2020

Dr. Debbie Thomas is co-leading an elite international team of scientists aboard a world-class research drillship.

Explanation Found For Die-Off Of Coral Reefs In Gulf Of Mexico

Jan 16, 2020

A Texas A&M Oceanography research team found that processes leading to hypoxia led to the death of parts of the reefs in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Study Shows Earth’s River Ice Is Rapidly Declining

Jan 16, 2020

Texas A&M Geography’s Dr. George Allen co-authored research showing river ice has dramatically decreased over the past 30 years.

Co-Led By Geosciences Dean, IODP Expedition Studies Ancient Warm Climate Clues In South Pacific

Jan 14, 2020

Dr. Debbie Thomas is serving as co-chief scientist of the international expedition.

Julie Massey Honored With Distinguished Agent Title

Jan 10, 2020

In recognition of her longstanding service, Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent Julie Massey has earned the prestigious title of distinguished agent.

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