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Meet Luz Romero

Luz Romero serves as the Technical Laboratory Coordinator for the Radiogenic Isotope Geosciences Facility in the Department of Geology & Geophysics.

Dec 13, 2018



Luz Romero was born and raised in Columbia. She came to the United States to attend Florida International University in Miami, where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biology. The focus of her degree was in the area of Ecology with a master’s research project in nutrient cycle in decaying mangrove wood after wide areas of mangrove ecosystems were devastated by Hurricane Andrew. Romero worked for about six years in the Everglades National Park as a field scientist doing work in the mangrove systems (she fed enough mosquitos during the summer time to keep a healthy community of mosquitoes alive). She also worked as a consultant in the Florida Keys assessing the impact of power boats on seagrass blades. Since moving to College Station, she has worked in the Wildlife and Fisheries Department, in the Geography and Oceanography Departments, and for the Flower Gardens Marine Sanctuary. She has been working in the Geology Department for the last 10 years as a Lab Coordinator in the Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory. Luz Romero’s main hobby while living in the Keys was snorkeling and kayaking, but this changed to running when she moved to College Station. Now that running has caused some damage to her knee, she prefers to walk/run, swim, lift weights, and likes to make soaps and lotions.
















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