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Geologic Field Camp 2018

Two field camps occurred this past summer, the traveling field camp and the Montana field camp.

Aug 10, 2018

This summer there were two field camps: the traveling field camp operated by Dr. Andreas Kronenberg and Dr. Patrick Fulton, and the Montana field camp operated by Dr. Brian Balta and Dr. Brent Miller. The traveling field camp went to New Mexico, Utah, and Montana and had 20 students on the trip. The Montana Field camp stayed in dorms in Dillon, Montana on the campus of Montana Western. The objective of the geologic field camps is to have students utilize field techniques that are used to create geologic interpretations for a variety of geologic locations, as well as solidify students’ understanding of basic concepts in terms of field relationships. Students spent a total of three weeks completing various geologic maps, stratigraphic columns, cross-sections and geologic interpretations. Photos courtesy of David Splawn (Montana Field Camp 2018).





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