Volunteers Bring the Geosciences to Texas A&M Chemistry Open House

Oct 26, 2017

The Texas A&M University Department of Chemistry hosted the 30th Annual Chemistry Open House and Science Exploration Gallery Oct. 21 at Texas A&M.

Faculty and student volunteers from the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M joined in the annual Open House, showcasing the American Chemistry Society’s theme for its 2017 event, “Chemistry Rocks!” 

Thousands of attendees from around the region took part in interactive geosciences demonstrations such as “Why tap water tastes like Alka Seltzer”, “Hurricanes and Atmospheric Chemistry,” “Space Rocks,” “Ocean Acidification,” “Conductivity,” and “Heat Capacity!”

“I’m so grateful to our team – their contributions as the inaugural group of Geosciences Chemistry Open House volunteers are inspiring,” said Dr. Debbie Thomas, professor and interim dean of the college. “Their efforts are a beautiful example of our commitment to sharing geosciences with young students and helping empower lifelong learners to deepen their knowledge of the world in which they live.”

Volunteers at Chemistry Open House.College of Geosciences volunteers educated participants at the Chemistry Open House.


College of Geosciences outreach volunteers included:

  • Dr. J. Brian Balta, visiting professor of petrology in the Department of Geology and Geophysics; graduate students Brandon Geddie, Matthew Couchman, and undergraduate students Samantha Bowers, Rigoberto Godinez, Javier Romero, and Tamara Dorgu
  • Dr. Ethan L. Grossman, professor and Michel T. Halbouty Chair in the Department of Geology and Geophysics; and post-doctoral scholar Dr. Will Defliese, and graduate student Meagan Depugh
  • Dr. Chrissy Stover Wiederwohl, instructional assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography; and graduate students Veronica Ruiz Xomchuk, Alyssa Alsante, Noura Randle, Ruby Schaufler, and Elise Wilbourn
  • Dr. Renyi Zhang, University Distinguished Professor of atmospheric sciences,
    Harold J. Haynes Chair in Geosciences, and professor of chemistry in the College of Science; and graduate students Bowen Pan, Jiaxi Hu, Jeremiah Secrest, Yixin Li, and Yun Li.

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By Leslie Lee