2017 Geologic Field Camp

Aug 21, 2017

The largest geologic field camp in department history occurred this past summer.

The 2017 geologic field camp had 75 students participating in the Montana dorm field camp, and 22 students in each of the two traveling field camps, coming to a grand total of almost 120 undergraduate students completing their field camp this summer. Students mapped the geology around Dillon, Montana, for four weeks, while the traveling field camps also completed maps in Utah. Our undergraduate students utilize various geologic mapping techniques, such as taking strikes and dips, utilizing steronets, taking bearings, and more.

We give a special thanks to the support of Chevron as they provided student scholarships to make field camp more affordable.

Click here to check out these pictures of the 2017 the Montana field camp (taken by Dr. Patrick Fulton and teaching assistant, Cristina Figueroa).