Geology & Geophysics Graduate Students Awarded 2017 AAPG Grants-In-Aid

Apr 12, 2017

Congratulations to Department of Geology & Geophysics graduate students that have been awarded 2017 AAPG Grants-In-Aid!

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) provides various methods of funding through different programs. The AAPG Foundation Grants-In-Aid program fosters research in the geosciences, providing financial assistance to graduate students (currently enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs) whose thesis research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources, and/or to related environmental geology issues. To be considered for an AAPG Grant-In-Aid award, graduate students are required to submit an abstract, as well as an application, project budget, and summary of their research project's timeline.  

The Grants-In-Aid Committee scores each application at least three times. Scoring is based on the following five areas: student's academic and employment history, scientific merit of proposal, suitability to program objectives, financial merit of proposal, and endorsement by faculty or department advisor. Grants are based on merit, and in part, on the financial needs of the applicant. Grants range from $500 to $3,000 and are to be applied to expenses directly related to the student’s thesis work, such as field work and laboratory analyses.

We’d like to congratulate the following graduate students that have been awarded 2017 AAPG Grants-In-Aid:

Clyde Findlay

Vicky Gao

Telemachos Manos

Tanner Mills

Of these students, Clyde Findlay is a Ph.D. student working with Dr. Ryan Ewing and Dr. Nick Perez, Tanner Mills is a Ph.D. student working with Dr. Julia Reece, and Vicky Gao and Telemachos Manos are Master students working with Dr. Nick Perez.


For more information about the Grants-In-Aid program, click here.