G&G Fall 2016 Picnic/Open House

Nov 18, 2016

October 7th, the Geology & Geophysics department held its Fall Picnic/Open House where faculty, staff, current and former students were invited to join in seminars as well as an evening of food and fun!  

Open House 2016 Talks October 7th, 4-5 pm in Halbouty 101:

Bobby Reece, Investigating Earth process through multi-scale seismology
Ryan Ewing, Wind-blown bedform dynamics on Earth and other worlds
Hiroko Kitajima, Rock deformation in the Nankai subduction zone
Patrick Fulton, 25,000 feet under the sea: taking the temperature inside Japan's magnitude 9 earthquake fault
Masako Tominaga, Deciphering Geological Processes using Deep Submergence Geophysics
Peter Knappett, Geogenic contaminants in groundwater
Julia Reece, Multi-scale investigation of geomechanical processes in mudstones

Thanks to our speakers and all that joined us!

Check out pictures from the event here: https://goo.gl/photos/w7aFW9fyLDqLYVXC6

By Cristina Figueroa '15