Oceanography May 2016 Graduates

Jul 21, 2016

We are proud to announce the May 2016 graduates from the Department of Oceanography.

Mohammad Al Mukaimi, Ph.D. “Geochemical and Sedimentary Record of Urbanization and Industrialization of the Galveston Bay Watershed“ (Dellapenna)

Dr. Almukaimi joined the faculty at the Marine Science Department at Kuwait University last April, fulfilling his dream since serving on the Kuwait Coast Guard.  Dr. Al Mukaimi writes, “When I worked at the Coast Guard I used to look at the Marine Science Center and wish to move there. Now Dream become true, every day I look at the CG and thank God for his blessing (if you have a dream fight for it). Next fall I will be teaching Marine Chemistry and Marine Geology for undergrads. I am very busy preparing for the two classes. 

This July I will travel to Cordova AK to meet Josh Williams and work on an NSF project there. We will be collecting cores from Prince Williams Sound.  My Family and I really miss the States and Galveston. It was a really wonderful 5 years which changed my life.”

Matthew Athon, M.S. “Chemisorption of Radionuclides on Commercial, Synthetic, and Biogenic Sorbents for Use In-Situ Gamma Spectrometry“(Santschi)

"I have been busy at my new job and getting settled in a new state. Life after graduation has been awesome so far. After moving to Washington State, I started work as a post masters research associate in the National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I am currently working on two nuclear forensics projects. One project involves marine radionuclide detection after a hypothetical nuclear detonation, and the other project involves characterization of radiochronometers in uranium metals after casting processes. I am excited to see how this project work will improve our technical capabilities in the field of nuclear forensics."

Zhao Jing, Ph.D. “A study of Interactions Between Near-Inertial Internal Waves and Mesoscale-to-Submesoscale Flows“ (Chang)

Dr. Zhao is still a member of the TAMU Oceanography team as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and is profiled as our 1000th Degree Recipient!

Lindsay Martin, M.S. “Pelagic Sargassum and its associated fauna in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea“ (Biggs)

“I am currently searching for research/field based jobs in the marine biological area of study all over the country. If anyone hears anything, I would love to know! The search so far is very limited. I am working on two papers for publication from my thesis.”

Otoniel Palacios, M.S. “Analysis of Interannual Variability in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean Using a High Resolution Regional Ocean Modeling System “(Giese)

Andrew Parker, Ph.D. “Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Its Impact on the West African Monsoon During the Last Glacial Cycle“ (Schmidt)

Dr. Parker writes, “My wife and I recently purchased our first home in the Denver area and are getting settled in. At work, I was recently promoted from Lab Manager to Director of Analytical Services [at Precision Analysis]. I now oversee 5 EPA and NELAP accredited labs in 4 states with a staff around 40. In addition to making sure the laboratories are following operational procedures, I now work directly with major customers, have attended industry meetings, am now tasked with implementing new analytical offerings and also developing a R&D department. It feels weird now not being in College Station anymore and I miss all on the faculty and friends I had that made the A&M Oceanography experience awesome! Hopefully we will be back for a football game this fall!

Zach Rolewicz, M.S. “Improved Nd Column Chemical Methods and Implications for Reconstruction of Water Mass Circulation Over the Mid-Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO)“ (Thomas)

Mr. Rolewicz is now in finance as a licensed life and health insurance broker in New York.  He writes, “I feel like the people in the department are the best - definitely, all the people made it for me. I could not have made it without everyone. All the other grad students are always so easy to be friends with and weren't just fellow students.... even though I went a different direction after grad school, my TAMU oceanography experience was definitely very helpful just in life. Mostly, in being able to figure things out differently and in creative ways, but also, with being able to juggle lots of tasks at the same time, quick and efficient thinking and doing, and just making me more mentally resilient.”