Meet Lisa Reichert

Jul 19, 2016

Lisa Reichert is a Business Administrator for the Department of Geology & Geophysics.

Her main duties include handling new hires for faculty, staff, and student workers, as well as handling department leave, tenure and promotion, payroll for the department, tuition and fees payment, and answering questions or assisting faculty and students.

She has been working at Texas A&M for a total of 25 years, after being given the opportunity to work at A&M right out of high school.

She has worked for the College of Geosciences for 18 years. Of those 18 years, 14 years were for the Geochemical and Environmental Research group (GERG), where she received the Dean’s 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award for her services.

She then was offered a position in the Department of Oceanography, where she was awarded the Outstanding Staff award in December of 2014.

She has been working in the Department of Geology & Geophysics for a year now after being offered a promotion.

During her free time, Lisa enjoys completing do-it-yourself projects, fishing, and gardening.