GEOL 609 Bahamas Field Trip

Jul 18, 2016

Modern carbonates is a graduate course led by Dr. Juan Carlos Laya that travels to Andros Island, Bahamas.

This course focuses on studying the modern analog of a carbonate environment to better understand ancient carbonate environments such as the southern U.S., Mexico, and Middle East.

Students spent one week on Andros Island, where they looked at various environments including tidal flats, ooid shoals, and patch reefs.

Students were expected to geologically map the areas with the use of Google Earth prior to the trip, then edit maps based on observations made during the trip.

Students took cores, samples, and made smear slides while in the field. This course required a swimming test so that students could snorkel while in the Bahamas.

By Cristina Figueroa ‘15 

View the photos here.