College of Geosciences Hosts Annual Scholarship Banquet

May 6, 2016

The College of Geosciences held its annual scholarship banquet on Friday March 26th at the College Station Hilton. 

The event gives student scholarship recipients the opportunity to connect face-to-face with their donors. This is an important aspect of the scholarship experience for students.

These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the help of the donors who support us. This event presents a great opportunity to say 'thank you'. 

The program culminated with remarks from Dr. Chris Houser about the new Aggies Making Change initiative.

“I thought it would be an easy, painless way to help out fellow Aggies in their academic careers and efforts to make change in their colleges, university, and community” says freshman Eryn Lyle, the founder of Aggies Making Change.

“I was motivated to start Aggies Making Change because many of my graduating peers see 'giving back' as something you do in 50 years when you're rich and retiring. Students don't always realize what an impact even a small donation can have, and that giving back to the university (and importantly, your college as well) can start as soon as you graduate.”

Aggies Making Change encourages graduates to give back in the same way that others have given to them through scholarships and support. Next year, the college will present a scholarship with funds that were given directly from recent graduates.

“I really hope it will encourage long-term donation back to the university and be a way to link graduates to not just TAMU, but the College of Geosciences as well.”

By: Andrew Vernon