Former Ph.D student Renée Heilbronner receives 2016 Stephan Mueller Medal

May 6, 2016

Dr. Renée Heilbronner has been awarded the 2016 Stephan Mueller Medal for outstanding research on the analysis of rock microstructures and textures and the quantification of rock deformation.

She received her Ph.D from Texas A&M in 1984.

The Stephan Mueller Medal is reserved specifically for scientists in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Tectonics and Lithospheric Geophysics. 

Dr. Heilbronner is an internationally leading scientist in the field of Earth deformation and rock physics.

More recently, Dr. Heilbronner has been at Texas A&M as the Visiting Halbouty Chair – where she offered a short course on Microstructural Analysis, which was held on campus and attended by graduate students from around the country.

Her methods have made a tremendous impact on advancing the understanding of the links between microstructures and rock rheological properties.

Dr. Heilbronner has also been very involved in the scientific community – working to create better conditions and acceptance for women.