Geosciences student selected as Maroon Coat

Apr 15, 2016

Congratulations to Nathalie Simoes (’17) for being selected as a Maroon Coat.

Nathalie joined the College of Geosciences in the Spring semester of her freshman year. She’s pursuing an Environmental Geoscience degree consisting of courses related to environmental history, Earth’s systems, and the future of policy and research.

Maroon Coats are student leaders from across the TAMU campus that serve the Texas A&M Foundation through service and ambassadorship.

“I chose to be a Maroon Coat because of the purposeful mission behind the organization, which is to form relationships, and most importantly thank, the supporters of A&M. As a member of the Aggie family, I am extremely grateful for the lasting traditions and legacies, but also the new renovations and events our ever-changing University hosts, and believe it is important to recognize where those resources and visions come from and how they change the campus”, says Nathalie.

“Being a Maroon Coat has provided me an outlet to give back to a university that has done so much for me.”

By: Andrew Vernon '06