Geology & Geophysics Student Research Symposium highlights graduate and undergraduate work

Apr 27, 2016

On March 31st, th Department hosted its annual Student Research Symposium.

This is an effort made possible by the Geology & Geophysics Graduate Student Council (GGGSC). A total of 59 students participated, which was composed of 23 undergraduate and 36 graduate students.

The final results were calculated based on the project overview, methods, conclusions, presentation style, and visuals.

The winners of the 2016 Research Symposium were: 

Undergraduate Research
1. Melanie Bowen
2. Oby Ebere
3 Tied. Melissa Altobelli
3 Tied. Kyle Gillespie & Gerardo Valenzuela

Master Research
1. John Reed
2. Chase Stanford
3. Kaytan Kelkar

PhD Anticipated Research
1. Szu-Ting Kuo
2. Tanner Mills
3. Kittipong Somchat 

PhD Research
1. Maria A. Reimi Sipala
2. Lauren Holder
3. Yongchae Cho

The department would like to thank the individuals that helped judge the 2016 Geology & Geophysics Student Research Symposium:

Adrian Purdy - Bhp Billiton
Joseph Chandler
- Bhp Billiton
Eric Peterson
- Bhp Billiton
Eleanor Yudelman
- Bhp Billiton
Elizabeth Collins
- Bhp Billiton
Kenneth Elsbury
- Baker Hughes
Dr. Kam Lulla
Dr. Mike Pope
- TAMU Geology Professor
Dr. Franco Marcantonio
- TAMU Geology Professor
Dr. Carlos Dengo
- TAMU Geology professor/Berg-Hughes Director Dr. Hiroko Kitajima - TAMU Geophysics Professor
Dr. Earl Hoskins
- Emeritus Professor
Jeff Fitzgerald
- Jacobs Engineering
Matt Hammer
- TAMU Alumni
Carl Steffensen
Chris Breed
- Baylor University Graduate
Angela Van Boeing
- TAMU Graduate Student
Michelle Chrpa
- TAMU Graduate Student
Lauren Holder
- TAMU Graduate Student
Bronwyn Moore
- TAMU Graduate Student
Matt Jackson
- TAMU Graduate Student
Connor Moore
- TAMU Graduate Student
Holly Goggin
- TAMU Graduate Student
Katie Bales
- TAMU Graduate Student
Philip Tesch
- TAMU Graduate Student

Congratulations to the winners and again thank you to everyone who helped, participated, and attended the Symposium.