Marathon Oil Donates laptops, workstations and monitors to Geology and Geophysics

Feb 23, 2016

The Department of Geology and Geophysics at Texas A&M University would like to thank Marathon Oil for a generous donation of used laptops, workstations and monitors. 

Vernon Moore '98, Senior Geologist at Marathon Oil, was instrumental in facilitating the donation. The Department will use the 20 laptops as the foundation for a new undergraduate computer lab. The transportable laptops will allow the Department to have a roaming lab which can be used in multiple classrooms and even outdoors for a variety of courses and applications. The 52 monitors will be used to upgrade aging monitors in the seismic computing lab and to extend capability in the graduate working lab. Additionally, two Linux boxes will be used as workstations in the seismic computing lab and specialty workstations in the graduate working lab. The seismic computing lab is currently used to teach graduate courses in seismic processing and interpretation.

This donation marks an important step in the Department's continued growth and towards the realization of an Advance Computing Center for Geoscience research.