Meteorology major, Cecille Sorio ‘17, is selected as second female Corps Commander in Texas A&M history

Feb 26, 2016

Meteorology major, Cecille Sorio, is leaving her mark on this university as the second female corps commander in Texas A&M history. Following in the footsteps of Alyssa Michalke, Sorio is the second consecutive female to hold this prestigious position.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Sorio knew she wanted to attend a university with a strong ROTC program. It wasn’t until she tagged along on a friend’s college visit that she found her way to Texas A&M and the College of Geosciences. “All of the staff and student recruiters were incredibly friendly and passionate about their courses of study,” said Sorio.

Growing up, Sorio was always curious about the weather. And as she puts it - she was the kid who did rain dances during recess. With dreams of commissioning as a Weather Officer in the United States Air Force, “meteorology seemed like the perfect major to prepare me for my goal,” stated Sorio.

Sorio has enjoyed her time in the College of Geosciences especially in her ATMO 335 class - Dynamics I. The college has provided her with a wide range of experiences and “a niche for passionate scientific thinkers who are diligent in their studies but who also love to embrace hands-on learning experiences in the wild outdoors.”

Sorio’s time at Texas A&M has been filled with classes, leadership training, and of course the age-old traditions of this campus. She will serve as the Corps Commander for the 2016-2017 school year, and said she is most looking forward to “creating an environment that both highlights the importance of leadership development along with scholastic success and career-motivation applicable post-graduation.”

Sorio wants her cadets to be prepared to take on the real world after graduation and to represent this university with the upstanding character which Aggies are known for. Texas A&M University, the Corps of Cadets, and the College of Geosciences have given this to her, and she views this position as her opportunity to pass these skills along to others.

“Texas A&M and the College of Geosciences have equipped me with the knowledge I will need,” said Sorio, “preparing me to be a woman who knows how to balance the rigors of education while leading a group of motivated individuals.”

By: Emily Peter '15