The Berg-Hughes Center Partners with the Crisman Institute on an Integrated Research Initiative To Provide Innovative Solutions for the Petroleum Industry

Feb 11, 2016

The Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering, College of Engineering and the Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems, Department of Geology & Geophysics, College of Geosciences have initiated a Joint Industry Project “

Production from unconventional oil and gas reservoirs has revolutionized the energy outlook for North America and the world and has placed Texas as the number one producer in the country.  These resources are of vital economic and social importance to Texas and the Nation.  Yet, fundamental geoscience and engineering questions remain to be solved.  The Joint Industry Project aims at developing predictive geologic, reservoir simulation and fracture propagation models to help industry optimize field development.

This project will focus on two integrated data sets; one from the Permian Basin unconventional oil plays and the other from the EagleFord/Eaglebine oil play.  More than 25 faculty in both colleges have participated in designing the research program.  To date, more than a dozen oil and gas companies have agreed to provide financial, data and other support.  It is anticipated that additional Texas A&M departments and corporate partners will join the project.  

In the petroleum industry, solutions are most often advanced by interdisciplinary teams.  Through this innovative partnership, faculty and graduate students in the geosciences, petroleum engineering and other disciplines will work together to develop new solutionsber to build predictive models to solve complex problems associated with developing shale reservoirs.

For additional information please contact Dr. Steve Holditch (Crisman Institute; or Dr. Carlos Dengo (Berg-Hughes Center