Dr. Dan Goldberg Receives the Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Award

Sep 15, 2015

Dan Goldberg, an assistant professor of Geography and Computer Science and Engineering, is named Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar. 

The Montague-CTE program is designed to recognize young undergraduate professors who excel early in their teaching careers. Teaching at Texas A&M University since the fall of 2012, Goldberg has since adopted an educational method that fosters innovation in undergraduate education called, “teaching as research.”

Building this concept into classroom activities, Goldberg goes above and beyond to create a unique educational experience for his students. He creates opportunities for high impact learning experiences by integrating upper-level undergraduate students into graduate-level reserach, requiring them to actively participate in group projects to address the research questions of a real-world 'customer.' 

Goldberg believes these experiences, “change the attitudes of students and make them interested in pursuing degrees or careers in STEM.”

The Montague-CTE grant will propel Goldberg’s research and student impact as he works to one day “establish Texas A&M as the leading CyberGIS education program in the world, grounded by solid learning science theory and practice discovered through the proposed teaching as research approach.”

Goldberg received the Partners in Learning Award of Excellence from the Department of Disabilities Services during the spring semester. He is cited for "providing an inclusive academic experience for students with disabilities."

By: Emily Peter '15