Research Papers in Geography

Jun 19, 2015

Geography researchers ripped into rip current signage, warned about increased floods in urban areas, and investigated shrub growth in the Arctic.

Title: Vegetation Response to Precipitation Across the Aridity Gradient of the Southwestern United States.
Authors: Sohoulande Djebou, D. C., V. P. Singh, and O. W. Frauenfeld, 2015:
Source: Journal of Arid Environments (April 2015)

Title: Will Brazil’s ethanol ambitions undermine its agrarian reform goals? A study of social perspectives using Q-method.
Authors: Claudio Albuquerque Frate and Christian Brannstrom  
Source: Journal of Rural Studies (April 2015) 

Title: You can’t see them from sitting here: Evaluating beach user understanding of a rip current warning signs.
Authors: Christian Brannstrom, Chris Houser, Heather Lee Brown, Sarah Trimble, Anna Santos
Source: Applied Geography (January 2015) 

Title: The rip current hazard in Costa Rica.
Authors: Isabel Arozarena, Chris Houser, Alejandro Gutiérrez Echeverría, Christian Brannstrom  
Source: Natural Hazards (January 2015) 

Title: Becoming Carbon Neutral: evaluating carbon neutrality certifications as a tool for reducing climate change impacts and securing financial livelihoods.
Author: Jayme Walenta
Source: Sustainability: the Journal of Record (June 2015) 

Title: Changing global patterns of urban exposure to flood and drought hazards.
Authors: Burak Güneralp, Inci Güneralp, and Ying Liu
Source: Global Environmental Change (March 2015) 

Title: Opportunities and costs for preventing vertebrate extinctions.
Authors: Dalia A. Conde, Fernando Colchero, Burak Güneralp, Markus Gusset, Ben Skolnik, Michael Parr, Onnie Byers, Kevin Johnson, Glyn Young, Nate Flesness, Hugh Possingham, and John E. Fa   
Source: Current Biology (March 2015) 

Title: Balancing urban growth and ecological conservation: a challenge for planning and governance in China.
Authors: Burak Güneralp, Andrew S. Perlstein, and Karen C. Seto 
Source: Ambio (February 2015)

Title: Methods for measuring arctic and alpine shrub growth.
Authors: Myers-Smith I, Hallinger M, Wilmking M, Blok D, Klaassen US, Rayback S, Weijers S, Trant A, Tape KD, Naito AT, Dawes M, Rixen C, Wipf S, Wheeler J, Buchwald A, Baittinger C, Fauria MM, Levesque E, Boulanger-Lapointe N, Beil I, Ravolainen V, Schweingruber FH   Methods for measuring arctic and alpine shrub growth.
Source: Earth-Science Reviews (January 2015)

Title: Patterns of shrub expansion in Alaskan Arctic river corridors suggest a phase transition.
Authors: Adam T. Naito
and David M. Cairns
Ecology and Evolution (January 2015)

Title: Effectiveness of Geosciences Exploration Summer Program (GEOX) for increasing awareness and knowledge of Geosciences.
Authors: Chris Houser, Sonia Garcia and Janet Torres
Source: Journal of Geoscience Education (May 2015)

Title: ESEX: Characterizing the instability of aeolian landscapes using analytical reasoning.
Authors: Chris Houser, Michael P. Bishop and Patrick Barrineau
Source: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (April 2015) 

Title: Post-storm beach and dune recovery: implications for barrier island resilience. 
Authors: Chris Houser, Phil Wernette, Elizabeth Rentschler, Hannah Jones, H., Brianna Hammond and Sarah Trimble 
Source: Geomorphology (April 2015)

Title: Influence of blade flexibility on the drag coefficient of aquatic vegetation.
Authors: Chris Houser, Sarah Trimble and Bradley Morales
Source: Estuaries and Coasts (March 2015)

Title: Technical Communication: Alongshore correspondence of beach users and rip channels at Pensacola Beach, Florida. 
Authors: Chris Houser, Trey Murphy and Daniel Labude
Source: Natural Hazards (May 2015)


Title: Does Afternoon Precipitation Occur Preferentially over Dry or Wet Soils in Oklahoma?
Authors: Trent W. Ford, Anita D. Rapp, and Steven M. Quiring
Source: Journal of Hydrometeorology (April 2015)

Title: Review of Electromagnetic Induction for Mapping Barrier Island Framework Geology. 
Authors: Bradley Weymer, Mark E. Everett, Timothy S. de Smet, and Chris Houser
Source: Sedimentary Geology (May 2015) 

Title: Forecasting landscape response to future climate and land-use changes: An assessment. Accepted to Earth’s Future
Authors: Pelletier, J.D., Murray, A.B., Pierce, J.L., Bierman, P.R., Breshears, D.D., Crosby, B.T., Ellis, M., Foufoula-Georgiou, E., Heimsath, A.M., Houser, C., Lancaster, N., Marani, M., Merritts D.J., Moore, L.J., Pederson, J.L., Poulos, M.J., Rittenour, T.M., Rowland, J.C., Ruggerio, P., Ward, D.J., Whipple, K.X., Wickert, A.D., and Yager, E.M.
Source: Earth’s Future (May 2015)


Title: Poststorm evolution of beach-dune morphology: Padre Island National Seashore, Texas.
Authors: Bradley A. Weymer, Chris Houser and Rick Giardino
Source: Journal of Coastal Research (May 2015)