Research Articles in Oceanography

Jun 19, 2015

Oceanography research ranged from the equatorial Pacific to the Southern Ocean, and from the Danube River to Palau, and places in between.

Title: Biogenic sediment regimes in the Neogene equatorial Pacific, IODP Site U1338: Burial, production, and diatom community.
Authors: Mitch Lyle, Jack Baldauf
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (April 2015)

Title: Controlling high-latitude Southern Ocean convection in climate models.
Authors: Achim Stössel, Dirk Notz, F. Alexander Haumann, Helmuth Haak, Johann Junglcaus, Uwe Mikolajewicz
Source: Ocean Modeling (February 2015)

Title: Revamping Amphinomidae (Annelida: Amphinomida) with a description of a new species of Notopygos from the Gulf of California.
Authors: Borda, E., Yañez-Rivera, B., Ochoa, G., Sánchez-Ortíz, C, Schulze, A. and Rouse, G. W
Source: Zoologica Scripta  (February 2015);jsessionid=47DF256CF0B5EBEEF4FF5B5E552C2B53.f02t01 

Title: How schlieren affects beam transmissometers and LISST-Deep: an example from the stratified Danube River delta, NW Black Sea.
Authors: Karageorgis A., Georgopoulos D., Gardner, W.D., Mikkelsen, O.A., Velaoras D.   
Source: Mediterranean Marine Science (May 2015)

Title: Dissolved organic matter composition drives the marine production of brominated very short-lived substances.
Authors: Yina Liu, Daniel C.O. Thornton, Thomas S. Bianchi, William A. Arnold, Michael R. Shields, Jie Chen, and Shari A. Yvon-Lewis
Source: Environmental Science and Technology (February 2015)

Title: Changes in coral reef communities across a natural gradient in seawater pH
Authors: Hannah C. Barkley1, Anne L. Cohen2, Yimnang Golbuu, Victoria R. Starczak, Thomas M. DeCarlo and Kathryn E. F. Shamberger
Source: Science Advances (June 2015)

Title: Responses of the coastal phytoplankton community to tropical cyclones revealed by high-frequency imaging flow cytometry.
Authors: Sílvia Anglès, Antoni Jordi and Lisa Campbell
Limnology and Oceanography (May 2015) 

Title: Labile pyrogenic dissolved organic carbon in major Siberian Arctic rivers: Implications for wildfire-stream metabolic linkages
Authors: Allison N. Myers-Pigg, Patrick Louchouarn, Rainer M. W. Amon, Anatoly Prokushkin, Kace Pierce, and Alexey Rubtsov
Source: Geophysical Research Letters (January 2015)

Title: The contribution of mangrove expansion to salt marsh loss in the western Gulf of Mexico.
Authors: Anna R. Armitage, Wesley E. Highfield, Samuel D. Brody, and Patrick Louchouarn
Source: PLoS ONE (May 2015) 

Title: Shamals and climate variability in the Northern Arabian/Persian Gulf from 1973 to 2012. 
Authors: Fahad Al Senafi and Ayal Anis
Source: International Journal of Climatology (March 2015)