Research Articles in Geology and Geophysics

Jun 19, 2015

Researchers in the Department of Geology and Geophysics published in the several prestigious journals, including Nature, Geological Society London, and PNAS.

Title: Clumped isotope thermometry in deeply buried sedimentary carbonates: The effects of bond reordering and recrystallization 
Authors: Brock J. Shenton, Ethan L. Grossman, Benjamin H. Passey, Gregory A. Henkes, Thomas P. Becker, Juan Carlos Laya, Alberto Perez-Huerta, Stephen P. Becker, and Michael Lawson
Source: Geological Society of America Bulletin (Feb 2015)

Title: Sand dune patterns on Titan controlled by long-term climate cycles
Authors: Ryan C. Ewing, Alex G. Hayes, and Antoine Lucas
Source: Nature (December 2014)

Title: Tephrochronology and geochemistry of Eocene and Oligocene volcanic ashes of east and central Texas
Authors: Mindi L. Heintz, Thomas E. Yancey, Brent V. Miller, and Matthew T. Heizler
Source: GSA Bulletin  (November 2014) 

Title: An effective medium model for the stress-dependence of anisotropic seismic velocities in fractured rock.
Authors: Richard L. Gibson and Kai Gao
Source: Geological Society, London (May 2015) 

Title: Application of the two-dimensional continuous wavelet transforms to imaging of the Shatsky Rise plateau using marine seismic data.
Authors: Au K. Vuong, Jinchang Zhang, Richard Gibson Jr., William Sager
Source: GSA Special Papers

Title: A numerical homogenization method for heterogeneous, anisotropic elastic media based on multiscale theory.
Authors: Kai Gao, Eric T. Chung, Richard L. Gibson, Shubin Fu, and Yalchin Efendiev
Source: Geophysics (July 2015)

Title: Generalized multiscale finite-element method (GMsFEM) for elastic wave propagation in heterogeneous, anisotropic media.
Authors: Kai Gao, Shubin Fu, Richard L. Gibson, Eric T. Chung, and Yalchin Efendiev
Source: Journal of Computational Physics (April 2015) 

Title: Morphological adaptations of 3.22 Ga-old tufted microbial mats to Archean coastal habitats (Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa).
Authors: Martin Homann, Christoph Heubeck, Alessandro Airo, Michael M. Tice   
Source: Precambrian Research (April 2015) 

Title: Abrupt global shifts in ecosystem states
Author: Thomas D. Olszewski
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (June 2015)


Title: Students' problem solving approaches for developing geologic models in the field
Authors: Balliet, R.N., E.M. Riggs, and A.V. Maltese 
Source: Journal of Research in Science Teaching (May 2015)

(also with Geography)

Title: Poststorm evolution of beach-dune morphology: Padre Island National Seashore, Texas.
Authors: Bradley A. Weymer, Chris Houser and Rick Giardino
Source: Journal of Coastal Research (May 2015)