Research Articles in Atmospheric Sciences

Jun 19, 2015

Researchers in Atmospheric sciences published articles on topics ranging from methane on Mars to the shale boom in Eagleford. 

Title: Martian Airfall Dust on Smooth, Inclined Surfaces As Observed on the Phoenix Telltale Mirror
Authors: John E. Moores, Taesung Ha, Mark T. Lemmon, and Haraldur Pal Gunnlaugsson 
Source: Planetary and Space Science (January 2015) 

Title: Eight-year climatology of dust optical depth on Mars.
Authors: L. Montabone, F. Forget, E. Millour, R. J. Wilson, S. R. Lewis, D. Kass, A. Kleinboehl, M. T. Lemmon, M. D. Smith, and M. J.  Wolff
Source: Icarus (May 2015) 

Title: Dust aerosol, clouds, and the atmospheric optical depth record over 5 Mars years of the Mars Exploration Rover mission.
Authors: Mark T. Lemmon, M.J. Wolff, J.F. Bell III, M.D. Smith, B. Cantor, and P.H. Smith
Source: Icarus (May 2015)

Title: Atmospheric movies acquired at the Mars Science Laboratory landing site: Cloud Morphology, Frequency and Significance to the Gale Crater Water Cycle and Phoenix Mission Results.
Authors: John E. Moores, Mark T. Lemmon, Scott C.R. Rafkin, Raymond Francis, Jorge Pla-Garcia, Manual de la Torre Juárez, Keri Bean, et al.  
Source: Advances in Space Research (May 2015)

Title: ChemCam passive reflectance spectroscopy of surface materials at the Curiosity landing site, Mars.
Authors: Johnson, J.R., J.F. Bell III, S. Bender, D. Blaney, E. Cloutis, L. DeFlores, B. Ehlmann, O. Gasnault, B. Gondet, K. Kinch, M. Lemmon, S. Le Mouélic, S. Maurice, M. Rice, R. Wiens, and MSL Science Team (2015).
Source: Icarus (March 2015) 

Title: Observational evidence of a shallow planetary boundary layer in northern Gale Crater, Mars as seen by the NavCam instrument onboard the Mars Science Laboratory Rover.
Authors: John E. Moores, J., Mark T. Lemmon, Keri Bean, et al
Source: Icarus (March 2015) 

Title: Spectrophotometric Properties of Materials Observed by Pancam on the Mars Exploration Rovers: 3. Sols 500-1525
Authors: Jeffrey R. Johnson, William M. Grundy, Mark T. Lemmon, James F. Bell III, R.G. Deen, 2015.
Source: Icarus (March 2015) 

Title: Mars methane detection and variability at Gale crater.
Authors: Christopher R. Webster, et al, Mark T. Lemmon and the MSL Science Team
Source: Science (January 2015) 

Title: Supercell Low-Level Mesocyclones in Simulations with a Sheared Convective Boundary Layer. 
Authors: Christopher J. Nowotarski, Paul M. Markowski, Yvette P. Richardson, and George H. Bryan
Source: Monthly Weather Review (January 2015) 

Title: Vertical motions of the tropical convective cloud spectrum over Darwin, Australia.
Authors:  Courtney Schumacher, Stephanie N. Stevenson, and Christopher R. Williams
Source: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (March 2015)

Title: Is the Shale Boom Reversing Progress
Authors: Gunnar Schade and Geoffrey S. Roest
Source: EOS Buzz (April 2015)

Title: Modeling stepped leaders using a time dependent multi-dipole model and high-speed video data.
Authors: Sumedhe Karunarathe, Thomas C. Marshall, Maribeth Stolzenburg, Nadeeka Karunarathna and Richard E. Orville  
Source: Journal of Geophysical Research (March 2015)

Title: High-speed video and electric field observation of a negative upward leader connecting a downward positive leader in a positive cloud-to-ground flash
Authors: Saba, M., C. Schumann, T. Warner, J. Helsdon Jr., and R. Orville
Source: Journal of Electric Power Systems Research (January 2015) 


Title: Pollen as atmospheric cloud condensation nuclei.
Authors: Allison L. Steiner, Sarah D. Brooks, Chunhua Deng, Daniel C. O. Thornton, Michael W. Pendleton, Vaughn Bryant
Source: Geophysical Research Letters (May 2015)