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Differential Tuition in the College of Geosciences

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The College of Geosciences is proposing to increase the differential tuition to $394.39 per semester.  The current rate is $244.39.  This increase impacts only new Geosciences students enrolling for the first time in Fall 2018 semester or later.  Current Geosciences students are not impacted by this increase.

The College of Geosciences is proposing to increase the differential tuition to $394.39 per semester to enhance the quality of 100 and 200 level courses, with the aim of exceeding current standards.  We will utilize the funds to enhance our undergraduate courses in the areas of critical thinking, communication, empirical and quantitative skills, and social responsibility.  This will include enhancements in the areas of innovation, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information, while providing opportunities for students to experience and challenge themselves in the area of intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and opportunities for them to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities.  Prospective employers expect Texas A&M Geosciences students to graduate with these skills and knowledge.  The increase in differential tuition will ensure that all geoscience majors will have an opportunity to participate in these enhanced introductory classes and field experiences.  Providing these opportunities will come in the form of enhanced and upgraded teaching laboratories and classes, with additional experiences through in class and online learning activities. 

Differential tuition is an additional charge that is currently used to pay for:

  • Enhancements and upgrades to undergraduate teaching laboratories and classes with a focus on updating technology
  • Additional instructors to support course offerings and undergraduate participation in high impact learning experiences
  • Support for field experiences such as Field Camp for Geology and Geophysics
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