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Geosciences Communications

The College of Geosciences consistently gets its best story ideas from the faculty members and students who contact us with information regarding their latest research and awards. If you have a story idea that deserves an audience, contact the communications team.

Student Stories

Timeliness and importance are key elements in getting media coverage. Please provide us with the target audience, or parties who would be interested in this story, and alert your student that the Geosciences Communications team will be contacting him or her for a professional photo and interview. Our goal is to present external audiences with professional communication; for the best possible coverage.

Publicizing an Event

First determine if your event should attract a campus audience or a broader community. A press release can help for certain events with a broad appeal, but many events would be better served with other approaches. To promote a lecture or seminar, submit it to your department representative to post on the Texas A&M Calendar. Also, your event can be added to the monthly Dean's Briefing. The communications team can help design fliers and posters to be distributed on campus if they meet brand guidelines. Texas A&M also offers free templates.

Research and Publications

The College of Geosciences is home to research scientists leading the nation in innovative ways on all topics related to geosciences. We can publicize these on the Dean's Briefing, social media, or through Texas A&M Marketing and Communications, which provides a number of outlets such as Texas A&M Today.

Media Relations

News releases aimed at external audiences are handled through Texas A&M's Marketing and Communications Office (MarComm) and are written either in-house or by the MarComm science writer. This ensures the widest possible distribution of your release. The Geosciences team receives detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports on media placement analytics. Contact us for more information.

Media Training

Working with the media can be an intimidating prospect if you have no previous experience, or if you've had a negative interaction in the past. The Geosciences communications team is here to help you create a news story or offer tips before you have your next interview.

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